Articles from January 2020

Mackenzie Cross, Anthropology undergraduate student, featured in UI 'Dare to' series: Traces umami receptors

I am looking at the genes which code for Umami receptors. These are taste receptors which allow human to taste “savory” flavors such as meat. By looking at how these genes differ between humans and our close relatives, we can better understand human’s relationship with meat throughout human evolution.

Christie Vogler, Anthropology Ph.D. student, featured in UI 'Dare to' series: Excavates Roman History

My dissertation research incorporates text, artwork, and material culture to investigate occupational roles available to women during the High Roman Empire. I utilize the concepts of sex, gender, and intersectionality in my analysis of the artifacts excavated from the site of Gangivecchio, Sicily to argue for the presence of a female-operated medical practice.