The list below contains the student's name, dissertation title, and the committee chair (or co-chairs) of recent graduate dissertations.


Addison Kimmel
"If We Should Fail...We Will Not Even Have a Place to Live": Resistance, Survivance, and the Serious Games of Avoiding Removal in a Rock River Ho-Chunk Community, 1815-1838

Scott Olson
"What's Next:" Queer Pasts and Futures at Stonewall's Fiftieth in Berlin (Buch)


Noah Johnson
"Striking Distance: Karate as Global Assemblage and Transnational Cultural Practice"

Kerri Lorigan
"Analyzing Lived Experience from the Streets of Roman Egypt: A Historical Archaeological Approach to Settlement Sociology" (Storey)

Natalie Luna-Renek
“Our Sense of the Beautiful That Has Dwindled": Reconsidering (Not Forgiving) E.B. Tylor (Schnell)


Elizabeth Handschy
“Queers in the Front”: The Ethics and Affects of Queer-Led Social Justice

Jeongeun Lee
“An Incomplete Dream”: North Korean Defector Mothers in South Korea (Khandelwal)


James R. McGrath
Human Signaling Ecology: A case study of Late Pleistocene mineral pigment assemblages from southernmost Africa (Enloe)

Ana-Monica Racila
Providers and Patients as Activists: Bureaucratic Encorpment in Midwest Gender-Affirming Health Clinics (Wentzell)

Christie Vogler
The Women of Gangivecchio: Investigating Gender, Wealth and Work in the Agricultural Economy of Roman Sicily (Storey)

Emma K. Wood
Dental size reduction in the domesticated silver fox: Implications for the domestication syndrome model (Franciscus)


Paul Capobianco
Migration and Identity: Japan's Changing Relationship with Otherness (Khandelwal/Ryang)

Alejandro Muzzio
Tourism, Development, Representation, and Struggle on the North Coast of Honduras (Chibnik/Schnell)


Theodore Marks
Bedtime For the Middle Stone Age: Land Use, Strategic Foraging, and Lithic Technology at the End of the Pleistocene in the Namib Desert, Namibia (Enloe)

Meredith Wismer
Hunt, Gather, Garden: Faunal Exploitation During the Adoption of Agriculture in the Tallgrass Prairie (Hill)


Toby Avalos
Discerning Hominid Taxonomic Variation in the Southern Chinese, Peninsular Southeast Asian, and Sundaic Pleistocene Dental Record (Ciochon)

Christian Haunton
Remaining Faithful in the Outhouse: An Introduction to the Utopian Archaeology of the Amana Colonies (Storey)


Jill Davis
Royal Realness: Drag Pageantry in the US (Lewin)

Miranda Karban
The Ontogeny of Occipital Bone Convexity in a Longitudinal Sample of Extant Humans (Franciscus)

Shelby Putt
Human Brain Activity During Stone Tool Production: Tracing the Evolution of Cognition and Language (Franciscus)

Jennifer Trivedi
Biloxi's Recovery from Katrina: Long-Term Influences and Inequalities (Chibnik)


Susanna Donaldson
Farmers and Farmworkers: Negotiating Labor and Identity in Rural Northeast Tennessee (Chibnik)

Christina Nicholas
The Ontogeny of Nasal Floor Shape Variation in Homo and the Influence of Facial Size, the Anterior Dentition, and Patterns of Midfacial Integration (Franciscus)

Tony Pomales
"ESTAMOS DE PIE Y EN LUCHA"/"WE ARE STANDING AND FIGHTING": Aging, Inequality and Activism among Sex Workers in Neoliberal Costa Rica (Prussing)

Michelle Quill
Making it Matter: International Non-Governmental Organizations and Humanitarian Intervention in Bangladesh (Lewin)

Sarah Trabert
Plural Communities on the Plains: Dismal River People and the Puebloan Diaspora (Beck)


Keelin Baine
Mortuary Ritual and Social Change in Neolithic and Bronze Age Ireland (Hill/Lillios)

Brandi Jansen
Growing Local Food: Direct Market Agriculture in Iowa (Chibnik)

Jonathan Thomas
Emerging Economies: Late Neolithic and Copper Age Beads and Pendants of the Portuguese Estremadura (Lillios)


Erica Begun-Veenstra
Detecting Ethnicity at Teotihuacan through Archaeology: The West Mexican Presence at Structure N1W5:19 (Storey)

Cindee Calton
Teaching Respect: Language, Identity, and Ideology in American Sign Language Classes in the United States (Graham)

Jenna Grant
Technology, Clarity, and Uncertainty: An Ethnography of Biomedical Imaging in Phnom Penh (Prussing)

Hannah Marsh
Beyond Thick Versus Thin: Mapping Cranial Vault Thickness Patterns in Recent Homo Sapiens (Ciochon)

Cristina L. Ortiz
Making Meatville: Belonging and Migration in a Midwest Meatpacking Town (Khandelwal)

Clare Tolmie
Animals for Food, Animals for Tools: Fauna as a Source of Raw Material at Abri Cellier and the Grotte Du Renne, Arcy-Sur-Cure (Enloe)

Alissa M. Whitmore
Small Finds and the Social Environment of the Roman Public (Storey)


Cerisa Reynolds
Meat at the Origins of Agriculture: Faunal Use and Resource Pressure at the Origins of Agriculture in the Northern U.S. Southwest (Enloe)

Kenda Stewart
In or Out of Bounds?: The Cultural and Political Implications of Palestinian Women’s Soccer in Israel (Dominguez/Chibnik)

Anna Waterman
Marked in Life and Death: Identifying Biological Markers of Social Differentiation in Late Prehistoric Portugal (Lillios/Franciscus)

Chad S. Uran
The Aesthetics and Politics of Ojibwe Language Revitalization (Colloredo-Mansfeld/Schnell)


Rachel Horner Brackett
Savoring Ideology: An Ethnography of Production and Consumption in Slow Food’s Italy (Prussing)

Scott D. Maddux
A Quantitative Assessment of Infraorbital Morphology in Homo: Testing for Character Independence and Evolutionary Significance in the Human Midface (Franciscus)

Jerry L. Wever
Dancing the Habanera Beats (In Country Music): Empire Rollover and Postcolonial Creolizations in St. Lucia (Graham)

Brandyce Case Haub
Together We Stand Apart: Island and Mainland Puerto Rican Independentistas (Dominguez/Chibnik)

Jason Thompson
Views to the Past: Faunal and Geophysical Analysis of the Open-Air Upper Paleolithic Site of Verberie (Enloe)

Alexander Woods
The Effects of Lithic Raw Material Quality on Aurignacian Blade Production at Abri Cellier (Enloe)


Steven Miller
The Patterning and Determinants of Craniofacial Robusticity in Extant Homo Sapiens (Franciscus)

Sarah Ono
From Redfield to Redford: Hollywood and Understandings of Contemporary American Community (Graham)

Daniel Proctor
Three-Dimensional Morphometrics of the Proximal Metatarsal Articular Surfaces of Gorilla, Pan, Hylobates, and Shod and Unshod Humans (Ciochon)

Lavanya Proctor
Discourses on Language, Class, Gender, Education, and Social Mobility in Three Schools in New Delhi, India (Khandelwal/Dominguez)


Nathan Holton
Modeling of Masticatory Biomechanics in Living Humans as a Baseline for Testing Functional Hypotheses in Neandertals (Franciscus)

Alexis R. Matza
The Boston “T” Party: Masculinity, Testosterone Therapy, and Embodiment Among Aging Men and Transgender Men (Lewin)

Tomomi Naka
In the World but Not of the World:  Virtuous Economic Practices among Lancaster Mennonites (Chibnik)

Joshua Polanski
Morphological Integration of the Cranium During Ontogeny in Homo Sapiens and Pan Troglodytes (Franciscus)

Judith Siebert
Ethnic Identities in the German-Chilean Lake District (Graham)

Andria Timmer
Integration through Education: NGO Action to Redress Roma/Gypsy Exclusion from the Hungarian Education System (Dominguez)


Stephen Tulley
A Culture of Chocolate:  Commercial Cacao Processing in Oaxaca, Mexico (Chibnik)

Gudrun Putz Willett
Crises of Self and Other: Russian-Speaking Migrants in the Netherlands and European Union (Colloredo-Mansfeld/Babb)

Benjamin M. Willett
Ethnic Tourism and Indigenous Activism: Power and Social Change in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala (Colloredo-Mansfeld)


Erik Paul Filean
Domestic Cattle and Economic Change in the Roman Period Lower Rhineland: The Civitas Batavorum Volumes I & II (Storey)

Carolyn A. Hough
Disruption and Development: Kanyalengs in the Gambia (Lewin)

Grant S. McCall
Lithic Technological Perspectives on Early Hominid Site Use and Mobility Strategies (Enloe)

Samantha Leigh Solimeo
Living with Parkinson’s Disease: Narratives and the Practice of Embodiment Among Elder Iowans (Marshall)

Jessica L. White
Functional Morphology and Evolution of the Adapiform Dentition, with Particular Emphasis on the Asian Sivaladapidae (Ciochon)


Catherine M. Douillet
A Contradictory Callaloo: Ethnic Divisions and Mixing in Trinidad (Midgett)

Katherine Boris Dernbach
Popular Religion: A Cultural and Historical Study of Catholicism and Spirit Possession in Chuuk, Micronesia (Marshall)


Bryan Eldredge
The Role of Discourse in the Formation and Maintenance of Deaf Identity and the Deaf-World (Graham)

Christina Taylor Beard-Moose
Public Indians, Private Cherokees: Indigenous Identity at them Intersection of Tourism, Acculturation, and Cultural Continuity (Babb)

Jon Wolseth
Taking on Violence: Gangs, Faith, and Poverty Among Youth in a Working-Class Colonia in Honduras (Babb)


Kari Olson
Methods of Control:  An Anthropological Analysis of Fertility Regulating Technologies in Urban China (Marshall)


Michael Dunne
Change and Continuity in Prehistoric Foodways: A Paleoethnobotanical Analysis of the Middle to Late Woodland Transition at the Gast Farm Site (13LA12) in Southeast Iowa (Whelan)

Gudrun Haraldsdottir
Cooperation and Conflicting Interests: An Ethnography of Fishing and Fish Trading on the Shores of Lake Malawi (Durrenberger)

Douglas Hertzler
Agrarian Cultures of Solidarity: Campesino Unions and the Struggle for Land and Community Development in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (Chibnik)

Velana Huntington
Bodies in Contexts: Holistic Ideals of Health, Healing, and Wellness in an American Orisha Community (Wolf)

Rebecca Johnson
Change in Woodland Diet and Vessel Form at the Gast Farm Site in Southeast Iowa (Whelan/Green)

Emily Lee
A Story of Strategies: Negotiating State and Society in Chengdu, China (Wolf)

Michelle L. Ramirez
Suffering, Modernity and Morality: Menopause in Urban Oaxaca, Mexico (Lewin)

William Whittaker
Zooarchaeological Analysis of the Roman Frontier Economy in the Eastern Netherlands (Enloe/Storey)


Margaret Cassity Bradford
Caribbean Perspectives on Settlement Patterns: The Windward Island Study (Enloe)

Jacqueline Marie Comito
Remembering Nana and Papu: The Poetics of Pasta, Pane and Peppers Among an Iowan Calabrian Family (Graham)

Brigittine M. French
Language Ideologies and Collective Identities in Post-Conflict Guatemala (Graham)

Karen Elizabeth Haslett
Crossing Linguistic Borders in an Iowan Town: Language Ideologies and the Education of Latino/A Students (England)

Margot Neverett
A Zooarchaeological Analysis of the Middle to Late Woodland Transition at the Gast Farm Site (13LA12) in Southeastern Iowa (Whelan)

Jolene Marie Stritecky
Looking Through a Moral Lens: Morality, Violence, and Empathyin The Solomon Islands (Dominguez)


Paula Jean Ford
Narratives of Social Healing: Cultural Politics and the Nicaraguan Women’s Movement (Babb)

Sharon Rorbakken
Bar Belles: An Exploration of Gender Identity (Wolf)


Balmurli Natrajan
Ailing Artisans, Dubious Development: Potters in Central India (Dominguez)

Anastasia Papathanasiou
A Bioarchaeological Analysis of Health, Subsistence, and Funerary Behavior in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin: A Case Study from Alepotrypa Cave, Greece (Whelan)


Marcela Mendoza
Politics and Leadership Among the Toba of Northern Argentina (Chibnik)


Linda Allen
Enid “Atoll”: A Marshallese Migrant Community in the Midwestern United States (Marshall)

Maureen McCue
Women in Transition, Health Care in Translation: Nicaraguan Women and the Challenge of Cervical Cancer Prevention (Marshall/Wallace)

Randy Ziegenhorn
Networking the Farm: The Social Structure of Cooperation and Competition in Iowa Agriculture (Durrenberger)


Rockey L. Sexton
Cajuns, Germans, and Les Americanins: A Historical Anthropology of Cultural and Demographic Transformations in Southwest Louisiana, 1880 to Present (Marshall/Midgett)


Stanley H. Hunnisett
Suicide, Alcohol, and Rapid Change in a Subarctic Indian Society: An Ethnography of Change 1920-1990 (Helm/Marshall) (Posthumous Ph.D.)

Katerina Semendeferi
Evolution of the Hominoid Prefrontal Cortex: A Quantitative and Image Analysis of Areas 13 and 10 (Ciochon/Van Hoesen)


Mary Jean Baker Cornell
Hindu Women’s Physiology and the Socially Constructed Reality of Their Everyday Lives (Marshall/Tripp-Reimer)

Richard A. Nisbett
The Functional Ecology of Howling Monkey Positional Behavior (Ciochon)


Maria Elena Mujica
Women’s Grassroots Organizations: Communal Kitchens in Lima, Peru (Babb)

Kendall Thu
Norwegian Farm Strategies and the State: Implications for a Global Pattern (Durrenberger)


Susan Garzon
Language Variation and Viability in a Bilingual Mayan Community (England)


Susan Leigh Flinspach
An Evaluation of Basque Language Status Planning (England)

Francis A O’Connor
The Intensification of Artisan Production and Sociocultural Change in San Pedro de Cajas, Tarma, Junin, Peru (Midgett)


Christopher A. Reichl
Japanese Newcomers in Brazil: A Social Model of Migration (Midgett)


Russell Charles Rogers
Something About Nothing: Death, Meaning and Identity (Marshall)


Royce Delbert Kurtz
Economic and Political History of the Sauk and Mesquakie: 1780’s-1845 (Helm)


Pamela Cressey
The Alexandria, Virginia City-Site/Archaeology in an Afro-American Neighborhood, 1930-1910 (Charlton)


Stephen Craig Lensink
A Quantitative Model of Central-Place Foraging among Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers (Anderson)

Margie Lou Staab
Peisker: An Examination of Middle Woodland Site Function in the Lower Illinois Valley (McKusick)


Barbara Darling Ito
Entrepreneurial Woman in Urban Japan: The Role of Personal Networks (Marshall)


Nicola Tanenbaum
Agricultural Decision Making among the Shan of Maehongson Province, Northwestern Thailand (Durrenberger)

Marilyn Rose
On the Move: A Study of Migration and Ethnic Persistence among Mennonites from East Freeman, South Dakota (Marshall)


Mark Borthwick
Aging and Social Change on Lukunor Atoll, Micronesia (Marshall)

Paul Freund
Social Change among the Kasua, Southern Highlands Papua New Guinea (Helm)


Jack Barnes
An Ecological Study of Environmental Utilization among the Mountain Lapps of Arctic Sweden (Helm)


Terry Alliband
Suburbanization and Survival: An Anthropological Study of West Branch, Iowa (Marshall)


Virginia Lawson
Object Categorization and Nominal Classification in Some Northern Athapaskan Languages: A Generative Semantic Analysis (Helm)


Stanley Witkowski
A Universalist Account of Kinship Semantics (Helm)