Glenn Storey, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

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I have two trends of current interest: 1) continuing research on the demography of ancient cities, especially of the Greco-Roman world, focusing on both the scale of gross population sizes combined with special attention to possible demographic reconstruction through funerary population analysis; 2) investigation of the economy of the Roman world, in the framework of world systems analysis, focusing on the evidence of artifacts as found in both Nijmegen, the Netherlands (site of a Roman legionary camp/city foundation) and a new site in central Sicily, Gangivecchio (a possible Greco-Roman cult site).

Research Interests

  • Archaeological Demography
  • The Archaeology of Urbanization
  • Roman Frontier in Holland
  • Roman Sicily
  • The Economy of the Roman Empire
  • Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar in Archaeology

Courses Taught

  • 113:168 - Method and Theory in Archaeology
  • 113:192 - Greek Archaeology and Ethnohistory

Affiliations and Links

  • President, AIA Iowa Society
Research areas
  • Archaeology
  • European Archaeology
Glenn Storey
PhD, Penn State University, 1992

17B Macbride Hall (MH)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States