Drew Kitchen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

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I am an anthropological geneticist with interests in human population history and the origins of human infectious disease. I use an evolutionary perspective to investigate the processes that have produced observed, modern distributions of human genetic and pathogen/parasite diversity. To do this, I primarily employ computational methods (e.g., phylogenetics, population genetics, and simulation) to the analysis of novel and publicly available genetic and cultural data.

My current research projects involve: 1) identifying the major historical events / determinants of Native American diversity, focusing on the original peopling event ~15 KYA and the post-Columbian population crash; 2) investigating the effect of human demographic history on the evolution of human pathogens and parasites, including the effect of agricultural lifestyles on the human microbiome; 3) understanding the molecular evolution and macro-evolutionary processes affecting pathogen genetic diversity; and 4) the application of evolutionary principles to infer the complex history of human cultural diversity, especially with regard to the construction of language phylogenies.

Research Interests

  • Genetics and Genomics
  • Human Evolution
  • Ancient Human Demography and Migration
  • Peopling of the Americas
  • Pathogen Evolution
  • Origins of Infectious Disease in Humans
  • Molecular Evolution
  • Macroevolution
  • Language Evolution

Courses Taught

  • ANTH:3325 Human Evolutionary Genetics
  • ANTH:1301 Human Origins
  • ANTH:3326 Infectious Disease and Human Evolution
  • ANTH:2320 Origins of Human Infectious Disease

Affiliations and Links

  • Member, Genetics Cluster
  • Member, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Informatics
Research areas
  • Biological Anthropology
  • Medical Anthropology
Drew Kitchen
Ph.D., University of Florida, 2008

207 Macbride Hall (MH)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States


24 Macbride Hall (MH)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States