Corinne Watts

President, AnthGrad, 2023-2024
Graduate Student

Corinne is a fourth-year archaeology graduate student under the advisement of Dr. Katina Lillios. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Emory University in 2016 and a Master of Arts in Archaeology from the University of Leicester in 2019. She is currently employed as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory through the University of Iowa’s Graduate Editing Assistantship program.

Her dissertation research focuses on two collections of ground stone tools made from sillimanite, an aluminum silicate mineral, from the late Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods in central Iberia. Her research examines the lives of these stone tools- specifically how prehistoric communities sourced, created, used, and eventually discarded these tools. Corinne’s 2022 work with these collections, housed at the Museo Arqueológico Regional de la Comunidad de Madrid and the Museo de San Isidro, was supported by a Stanley Fellowship for International Research from the Stanley-UI Foundation Organization (SUIFSO).

Her secondary project centers a collection of Indonesian standing stones at Harvest Preserve, a nature reserve in Iowa City. Corinne’s research at Harvest Preserve has focused on the origin of the stones, using geochemical provenance methods, alongside other anthropological methods used to determine the ongoing biographies of these materials. She uses an interdisciplinary approach to examine questions of origin and authenticity as they relate to the site and the international movement of cultural heritage material.

She is a member of the European Association of Archaeologists, the Society of American Archaeologists, and Graduate Women in Science. Outside of her research interests she is involved with the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) and the University of Iowa Engaging Across Cultures program. Her research interests include geoarchaeology, raw material provenance, ground stone tools, monumentality, materiality, and environmental engagement in late Neolithic & Chalcolithic Iberia.

Research areas
  • Archaeology
Corinne Watts
M.A. in Archaeology (University of Leicester), 2019
B.A. in Anthropology (Emory University), 2016
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114 Macbride Hall (MH)
Iowa City, IA 52242
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