Our research reflects the wide range of topics, theoretical approaches, and methodologies characteristic of anthropology at large. And yet, we all share a goal of documenting and understanding the various ways of being human on a planet now inhabited by seven billion people who are interconnected through ancient migration paths, settler colonialism, the digital revolution, and many other kinds of encounters. Our teaching, research and public engagement are animated by anthropology’s appreciation for and study of all aspects of human difference.

As researchers, teachers, and members of our varied communities, we have committed ourselves to ongoing discussion, reflection and action to engage issues of diversity, inclusion, economic and social justice, and decolonization in our intellectual and institutional lives. We recognize that this difficult work is ongoing and accept responsibility to engage anti-racist and decolonial goals as they relate to curriculum, pedagogy, hiring decisions, our institution’s student body, and civic engagement.

The department is committed to being an inclusive space for teaching, learning, and critical thought and discussion. Diversity in perspectives—whether drawn from class, gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, nationality, religion, age, or ability—is central to anthropological inquiry and to fostering academic excellence. In learning about and engaging respectfully with diverse perspectives and experiences, we all benefit—by becoming better listeners, more careful thinkers, and more creative citizens in a complex world. The department upholds the University of Iowa’s policies on diversity and inclusion.

The principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are fundamental to the mission of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Iowa, as we conduct our work in the context of the whole of humanity.

  • In our teaching, we draw on, explore, and question every facet of human experience and understanding.
  • In our scholarship, scientific inquiry, and artistry, we create new knowledge and insight, reflecting and shaping the cultures and societies in which human lives unfold.
  • In our service to Iowans, we collaborate with communities to solve critical problems arising from inequity.

DEI values are inseparable from those of the liberal arts tradition. To fully realize our college’s critical mission of advancing human understanding within that tradition, we must actualize these values in every aspect of our decision-making and every area of our academic community.

Department of Anthropology unequivocally condemns police violence and white supremacy (Daily Iowan)

Information on Fellowships, Scholarships, and Grants

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